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Siargao is not only Cloud 9. We have many spots fit for any kind of surfer…

A perfect barreling right and left hander wave breaking over a soft reef. It is a world class wave and can get very crowded and very heavy. Best to be surf during mid to high tide. Although it is a relatively short wave, it barrels nearly the whole way and guarantees high satisfaction. Not a beginner wave

A somewhat fickle right hander that can be really fun on its day. Dependent on swell direction, but when small is a great wave for beginners.

Long fun forgiving right hander about a 10 minute boat right from Catangnan – Cloud 9. When it is on, this wave is so much fun and as long as any on the island.

World-class left hander, also about 10 min boat ride from Catangnan. This spot is EPIC! Big or Small, Stimpies is what you picture when dreaming of perfect tropical surf

Some consider this the best left on the island. Hollow and shallow and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply

Close to Siargao Inn. Possible to walk / paddle there in 15 min, or accessible by boat right in front of our place. Very long and good left and right hander wave barreling when the wind is offshore. It gets the same size as Cloud 9, but is a gentler wave. Best mid to low tide. The shoulder can be a good wave for beginners. Normally no crowds.

Another wave for the goofy footers. about 1h ride with a boat or motorbike. Long workable left that works on all tides

Fun and gentle wave breaking in front of Dako Island over a deep coral reef. Good wave for learning but can become big during the winter season. Mid to high tide only. Accessible by boat from Siargao Inn (15 min)

First class wave breaking in the northern tip of Dako Island. Normally right hander. When big it offers good barrels – this is not a beginner wave. Beware not to get caught in the inside because it can be difficult to get out to the line up again. Accessible by boat from Siargao Inn (15 min)

A right hand reef freak in front of Santa Fe. Best low to medium tide with wind from south. Fun wave when small but can become quit heavy.

Quality left hander wave that breaks in front of Pilar. Good when the wind come from the North (January to March) and mid to high tide. Access by boat from Salvation.

Awesome left barrel wave breaking over the reef. Prtected from the common North winds. Good during high tide. 1h motorbike ride from General Luna or about 1h boat ride from Siargao Inn

Needs medium to large swell direct from the east to south east. this wave looks like an upside down, teardrop shaped barrel. It is a heavy break and only for expert surfers. Better high tide. Accessible by boat from Siargao Inn (20 min)

Within 2 hours boat or motorbike ride there are approximately 10 world class breaks, which are always uncrowded and well worth the trip. There are also a few well guarded secret spots that can be found if you look hard enough. if the swell conditions are good, our Surf Guides can organise trips to these amazing waves.

Siargao Island

the surfing capitol of the philippines

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Super Typhoon Odette hit us hard last Dec 16, 2021. All pictures of our garden on our webpage are from before, we redone all the gardening, but its not as lush as it was before. We are slowly recovering. Our Restaurant and Pool are open again. We offer a 30% discount for bookings until April 30, 2023 since there might be some construction noises sometimes. Hope for understanding.


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